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Werkleitz Festival 2011

14.–16. OKTOBER 2011

Opening: October 14, 2011 | 19:00h | LUX Cinema

For centuries, the term “Zoo”, as short for zoological garden and synonymous with animal park, has stood for both the exhibition of animals as well as the idea of a landscape. Whereas the... »

© Bernhard und Michael Grzimek / Okapia 

Film Programme

Animal Cinema

The film programme for Animal Cinema is an experiment. For the first time, a biologist and a curator have collaborated to create a film programme in which artistic and scientific perspectives on animals are given equal weight. The resulting... »

film programme
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The forum serves to link the festival thematically with the city of Halle (Saale) und the region, structuring the synergies between research institutions, universities, museums and the festival itself. The similarity between the zoo as manifestly designed space and nature as cultivated... »

Herm's Bio-Cinema Sound Products Inc. „PRECIPITINS“, 1930

Pet in the Net

The virtual online film programme for the Werkleitz Festival ZOO

The Werkleitz festival publishes herewith its second virtual film programme. We refer to these programmes as virtual, because, in contrast to other film festivals, we do not upload films, linking instead to films... »

Pet in the Net